Easy nEXt Marine

Graphic User Interface(GUI) simple to operate by non-skilled operators for both simple and complicated elemental analysis tasks.


Petro-Marine has an advanced software package with strong abilities. The user-friendly system enables any operator to perform multiple tests within a short time and minimum effort.

The systems are equipped with GPRS/WiFi/LAN communication tools and with GPS module. This enable location based data to be transferred immediately to the company HQ server for reporting & monitoring.

The Easy nEXt enables a simple to operate graphic user interface for non-skilled operators from simple to very complicated analytical applications, providing Pass/Fail indication for each element being measured.

The Petro-Marine system can operate in a “stand alone” mode wherein all data and results are stored locally, as well as in a “client-server” configuration (advised) wherein all results and data are updated in real time or upon request to the shipping company HQ server.This enables easy management of multiple systems at disperses global locations.

The server administrator sets all parameters and specifications, such as user’s privileges, type of analytical methods, results criteria for pass and fail, and identifies the analyzer systems with their location.

Thanks to the easy next, any operator can easily produce complicated reports while taking the elemental analysis laboratory to the field.

The easy next provide fast, certain and clear results for any user!

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